I'll try to keep this brief.

     My career started by drawing cartoons and illustrations for free publications, business logos, t-shirts, cheap novelty items - pretty much anyone who would pay and many who didn't. I then put together a portfolio and moved to New York. Not long after, I was given the position of editorial page cartoonist/illustrator for a small newspaper. I also created images for magazines, periodicals and advertising. All of the work at this time was black and white. After several years, we moved back to Georgia. My clients were primarily sports promotion companies, advertising agencies and book publishers.

     I am now shifting my focus to art which hopefully stands on it's own. No connection to a product or a book. No art director or editor. No parameters except my own.

We'll see how that goes.

Images on this site will be updated as soon as, well, I finish them.



     Michael G Montgomery